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Escape Character. An ASCII Code intended to provide a code extension in that it gives a specified number of contiguously following characters an alternate meaning.

ESD. Electrostatic Discharge. Refer to the ESD definitions page.

ESD Strap. A device to ground and discharge static electricity from a person.

ESD Wrist Strap
ESD Wrist Strap

Ethernet MAC Address (MAC Address): A unique 6-byte address that identifies an Ethernet device on the network. In an Ethernet packet, a MAC address is used twice, first to identify the packet's destination, and second to identify the packet's sender or source. An Ethernet MAC address is normally specified in hexadecimal, using dashes to separate bytes. For example, 08h-00h-28h-32h-17h-42h. The first three bytes normally designate the manufacturer of the device. However, when the first byte of the address is odd (LSB is 1), the address is a group address (broadcast or multicast). The second bit specifies whether the address is globally or locally administered.

E-Transformer. A special form of differential transformer employing an E-shaped core. The secondaries of the transformer are wound on the outer legs of the E, and the primary is wound on the center leg. An output voltage is developed across the secondary coils when its armature is displaced from its neutral position. This device is used as an error detector in servo-systems that have limited load movements.

E-Type T-Junction. A waveguide junction in which the junction arm extends from the main waveguide in the same direction as the E-field in the waveguide. [WaveGuide Manufacturers]

E Type T Junction Waveguide
E Type Waveguide

Eurocard. European Packaging Specifications (IEC 60297, IEEE 1101.1, IEEE 1101.10, IEEE 1101.11). Refer to BackPlane Buses

Eutectic Alloy. An alloy that changes directly from a solid to a liquid with no plastic or semi-liquid state.

Eutectic Solder. An alloy of 63 percent tin and 37 percent lead. Melts at 361F. Note RoHS limits the amount of lead in production. Because of the amount of lead Eutectic solder should not be used in commercial systems.

E-Wave. The designation for a Transverse Magnetic [TM] wave.

PC motherboard

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