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Earphone. [Earbud] A transducer placed near the ear or over the ear. A small speaker placed over one or both ears. A smaller version of Headphones.

Dual Speaker Earphone

Earth Ground. The connection to earth. Ground. The most common connection to earth is via a water pipe. The graphic shows how to connect a Printed Circuit Board [PCB] ground to chassis ground. In many cases chassis ground will also connect to earth ground.

Board Ground to Earth Ground

EBCDIC. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

Echo. The reflection of the original sound wave as it bounces off a distant surface. The RF signal reflected back from a radar target. Radar definitions are located in their own section; Radar Terms.

Echo Box. A resonant cavity device that is used to check the overall performance of a radar system. It receives a portion of the transmitted pulse and retransmits it back to the receiver as a slowly decaying transient.

ECL. [Emitter Coupled Logic] A type of digital logic using transistors that do not go into saturation, allowing the devices to operate faster [as it takes longer for the transistor to come out of saturation]. For more detail on switching speed, ECL circuit diagram and logic family comparisons see ECL IC Manufacturers. An ECL OR gate symbol is shown to the right. Note that most gates use differential inputs and outputs, although the I/O can be made into single ended lines too. The normal supply voltage level [Vee] is -5.2 volts as opposed to TTL logic which is 5 volts. However ECL also uses a Vcc of between 0 volts to 7 volts. Although ECL 'logic' gates function the same as TTL gates, the greater speed, differential un-saturated logic [analog] signals and impedance matching requirements impose a completely different design approach.

Eclipse. A condition in which the satellite is not in view or in direct line of sight with the sun. This happens when the earth is between them.

E-Core. E-Cores expose the winding so heat does not get trapped inside and also makes it easier to bring out connections from several windings. See E-Transformer.

Eddy Current. Induced circulating currents in a conducting material that are caused by a varying magnetic field. The current induced in a conductor subjected to a varying magnetic field.

Eddy Current Loss. Losses caused by random current flowing in the core of a transformer. Power is lost in the form of heat.

Edge Connector. A male connector formed by running conductive copper traces to the edge of a printed wiring board to act as a plug for another connector. The standard connector system used for expansion cards in personal computers. Companies that produce the mating edge connector.

Edge Skew. The difference in the arrival between two edges from the same device. For a flip flop, the difference in time between when Q output goes high and the Q-bar output goes low. The difference in time between the outputs of a digital counter changing, with reference to each other [A, B, C, D].

Pulse-to-Pulse edge skew
Edge Skew

Edge Triggered Flip Flop. A type of Flip Flop [FF] that requires either a rising edge or falling edge of a clock edge to force the output to change to the level of the input signal [D].

D-type edge triggered flip-flop

Also refer to the 8-bit D type FF diagram.

Edge Triggering. A method of activating a circuit by means of a pulse transition from either high to low or low to high. Normally components such as flip flops are edge triggered while components like latches are level triggered.

Edison Cap. Also called an Edison Base [see picture to the right. A type of screw cap used with light bulbs. Also refer to Solid-state lighting for more detail and a graphic. Almost any type of light may use an edison cap or base.

Edison Cell. Another name for a nickel-iron cell or battery [NiFe].

Edison Effect. Also called Richardson Effect. The phenomenon wherein electrons emitted from a heated element within a vacuum tube will flow to a second element that is connected to a positive potential.

eDRAM. Embedded DRAM [Memory]. eDRAM is used as embedded memory blocks within ASIC ICs. eDRAM does not exist as a individual integrated circuit, IC or component.

PC motherboard

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