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Decade Box. Test equipment which contains either resistors, capacitors or inductors that are switched in and out of a pair of test terminals in values a decade apart [10x].

Decade Counter. A counter that counts from 0 to 9. A 74192 Decade Counter logic chip.

Decay. A slow change in a value or quantity.

Decibel. [dB] A unit used to measure sound levels on a logarithmic scale. The ratio of two power levels.

Decimal. Pertaining to the number representation system with a radix of ten.

Decimal Converter. A circuit or function that converts decimal to something else. Refer to Decimal to BCD Converter

Decimal Digit. In decimal notation, one of the characters 0 through 9.

Decimal Counter. A counter that counts in decimal, between 0 and 9 for a four bit counter.

Decimal Encoding. As in Binary Coded Decimal [BCD] which only counts from 0 to 9.

Decimal Notation. A fixed radix notation where the radix is ten.

Decimal Numeral. A decimal representation of a number.

Decimal Point. The radix point in decimal representation.

Decimal to Binary Converter. A circuit used to convert from a base 10 number to a base 2 number. Related Decimal to BCD Converter.

Decoder. A data selector. A circuit or integrated circuit that translates an input signal another representation of that signal. An IC that converts or decodes an input signal into one or more outputs signals, as in a 2-to-4 line Decoder IC.

Decoupling Circuit. A circuit or component that prevents the interaction of another circuit.

Decoupling Capacitor. A capacitor used to transfer unwanted signals out of a circuit; for example, coupling an unwanted signal to ground. Also called a Bypass Capacitor. [Capacitor Terms]. A capacitor that De-Couples an IC from its supply voltage by supplying a voltage charge when required reducing the time lag from a distant power supply [IC Decoupling].

Deemphasis. In FM transmission, the process of restoring (after detection) the amplitude-vs-frequency characteristics of the signal. Also Post-emphasis. The introduction of a frequency response that is complementary to pre-emphasis [which was already applied].

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De-energize. shutting off the energy sources to circuits and equipment and depleting any stored energy.

Deenergized. Free from any electrical connection to a source of potential difference and from electric charge; not having a potential different from that of the earth. Note: The term is used only with reference to current-carrying parts, which are sometimes energized (alive).

Deflection Coil. In a cathode-ray tube, coils used to bend an electron beam a desired amount. Also refer to the CRT Definition.

Deflection Plates. Two pairs of parallel electrodes, one pair set forward of the other and at right angles to each other, parallel to the axis of the electron stream within an electrostatic cathode-ray tube.

Degauss. A procedure to demagnetize or decrease an unwanted magnetic field, by Degaussing. Using a degausser, which is a coil that is momentarily energized by an alternating current, to rearrange the impulses into random patterns.

Degeneration. The process whereby a part of the output signal of an amplifying device is returned to its input circuit in such a manner that it tends to cancel part of the input.

Degenerative Feedback. Feedback in which the feedback signal is out of phase with the input signal; also called Negative Feedback.

Degree-of-Freedom. The number of axes about which a gyro is free to precess.

Deionization Potential. The potential at which ionization of the gas within a gas-filled tube ceases and conduction stops; also referred to as extinction potential.

Deionization Time. In a spark gap, the time required for ionized gas to return to its neutral state after the spark is removed.

Dejitterizer. A device that reduces jitter in a digital signal.

Delay. The amount of time by which an event is retarded. The time between the instant at which a given event occurs and the instant at which a related aspect of that event occurs.

Delay Distortion. [Phase Distortion] In a waveform consisting of two or more wave components at different frequencies, distortion caused by the difference in arrival times of the frequency components at the output of a transmission system. Related term, Group Delay.

Delay Equalizer. A device that adds delay to only certain frequencies in a circuit to reduce delay distortion.

Delay Line. A transmission line, or equivalent passive component, used to delay a signal. A component or device either active or passive used to delay a signal. Related term, Programmable Delay Line. Also see IC Delay Line Manufacturers [which includes active or passive components]. Normally a delay line refers to an analog time delay, which could also be buffered to accept a digital input and produce a digital output. While a Digital delay line is a synchronous component that uses a clock to delay a signal some number of clock pulses, as in applying a signal to one or more flip flops.

Delay Relay. See Time Delay Relay.

Delayed Sweep. In an oscilloscope when a horizontal sweep is delayed by some amount of time after a trigger is received. Related term CRT Definition.

Delimiter. A character used to indicate the beginning and end of a character string, i.e., a symbol stream, such as words, groups of words, or frames. A flag that separates and organizes items of data.

Delta. A three-phase connection in which windings are connected end-to-end, forming a closed loop that resembles the Greek letter delta. A separate phase wire is then connected to each of the three junctions.

Delta Modulation. [DM] A form of Analog-to-digital signal conversion, only an increase or decrease of the signal amplitude from the previous sample is sent whereas a no-change condition causes the modulated signal to remain at the same 0 or 1 state of the previous sample.

Delta-Sigma Modulation. Delta modulation in which the integral of the input signal is encoded rather than the signal itself.

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