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Picture of Thermostatic Switches
Thermostatic Switches

Thermostatic Switch; A switch designed to turn on or off as a function of temperature, also called a Bimetal Switch. Thermostatic switches are used as temperature protection, overheat detection, or accurate temperature control as required. Thermostatic switches are normally sealed with no visible actuator, but some may have a manual toggle switch [operating as Automatic (Thermostatic), Manual (Human) and Off (No action). However some thermostatic switches are adjustable when supplied with an adjustment screw. Thermostatic switches have the same switch actions as normal switches, as in; Single Position Single Throw [SPST], Double Throw [SPDT] and so on.
An example of a solid state thermostatic switch, includes; AD22105 from Analog Devices.

Bolt-Mount Thermostatic Switch Diagram and Dimensions
Thermostatic Switch

Thermostatic Switches have the same terminals as normal mechanical switches as in Normally Open [NO], Normally Closed [NC] and Common [C]. The Panel-Mount Thermostatic Switch graphic above shows the three common switch terminals. Because these switch operate automatically they have both a High-temperature and Low-Temperature setting.

Hose Clamp Thermostatic Switch Diagram and Dimensions
Hose Clamp Thermostatic Switch

The Hose Clamp Thermostatic Switch shown above might be used in a number of applications including Cars, Trucks, Dryers and Dishwashers. Of course there are a great many devices that could benefit from a Thermostatic Switch; Automatic coffee-makers, Water heaters, Toasters, Furnaces, Electric heaters, Washing machines and Refrigerators.

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