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MIL-STD-100G Definitions

MIL-STD-100 Release Dates
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Qualification. The formal process by which a manufacturer's product is examined for compliance with the requirements of a source control drawing for the purpose of approving the manufacturer as a source of supply.

Quality assurance. A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that management and technical planning and controls are adequate to:
a. Establish correct technical requirements for design and manufacturing.
b. Create products and services that conform to the established technical requirements. Editor note; these days this would be a reference to ISO 9000.

Referenced documents. Design activity standards, drawings, specifications, or other documents referenced on drawings or lists. Editor note; normally a document or specification number would have to be used within the document body to be included in the list of reference documents. That is, you could not reference a document if you did not make use of it within the document.

Repair parts. Those support items that are an integral part of the end item or system which are coded as non-repairable.

Repairable. Having the capability of being repaired as an alternative to being replaced.

Replacement drawing. A replacement drawing is a new original drawing substituted for the previous original drawing of the same drawing number. Editor note; this is another out-dated term which has little meaning these day. Thirty years ago generating a new drawing may have taken some effort, however these days it just hitting the print button to generate a new drawing.

Military Specifications, MIL Specs
Department of Defense, DOD. United States Government, U.S. Gov.

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