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Part. One piece, or two or more pieces joined together, which are not normally subject to disassembly without destruction or impairment of designed use.

Part or Identifying Number. [PIN] Also PIN number. The identifier assigned by the responsible design activity or by the controlling nationally recognized standard which uniquely identifies (relative to that design activity) a specific item. The PIN generally includes the controlling drawing or document number and optional suffix. The PIN does not include the drawing revision identifier, drawing size, or CAGE Code. Editor note; The Part number is usually stamped on the component; part marking.

Procuring activity. A component of a Government agency having a acquisition function.

Product. Includes materials, parts, components, sub-assemblies, assemblies, and equipments. The term product wherever used in this document shall also encompass a family of products. A family of products is defined as all products of the same classification, design, construction, material, type, etc., produced with the same production facilities, processes, and quality of material, under the same management and quality controls, but having the acceptable variety of physical and functional characteristics defined and specified in the applicable engineering documentation.

Product definition data. Denotes the totality of data elements required to completely define a product. Product definition data includes geometry, topology, relationships, tolerances, attributes and features necessary to completely define a component part or an assembly of parts for the purpose of design, analysis, manufacture, test and inspection.

Production master. A 1 to 1 scale pattern which is used to produce one or more printed boards (rigid or flexible) within the accuracy specified on the Master Drawing. Editor note; a Master pattern. There is a separate section on-site that covers only Printed Board Terms & Definitions.

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