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MIL-STD-100G Definitions
MIL-STD-100 Release Dates
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Observable Critical Item. [OCI] An OCI is any part or material specifically designed, selected or qualified to meet specified observable requirements. Editor note; I really have no idea what this could be execpt some type of finish applied to a material surface, but the definition uses the term part.

Observable Critical Process.[OCP] An OCP is any fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, installation, maintenance and repair, or other process or procedure which implements an observable design and satisfies observable system requirements. Editor note; this definition makes more sense than the previous one.

Original. The current design activity's full size reproducible drawing or digital data file(s) on which is kept the revision record recognized as official. This standard still implies or makes reference to documents being reproduced by machines, before the common usage of computer plotting. These days the original document is held on a computer and only printed or plotted as required. [added by the editor]

Original date. A date that establishes the origination of the drawing and is retained throughout the life of the drawing for historical record purposes. In general the date a drawing is produced is included on the drawing, and a change date is included if the document is revised. So the document indicates the original date the document was generated and also each date the document was changed, and to a differing degree the changes that were made with each update. [added by the editor]

Original design activity. An activity (Government or contractor) having had responsibility originally for the design of an item and whose drawing number and CAGE Code is shown in the title block of drawings and associated documents. Editor note; The CAGE code does indicate the Original Equipment Manufacturer, but also indicates the origin of manufacture. That is, a company may have more than one CAGE Code based on their plant location.

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