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MIL-STD-100G Definitions

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Manufacturer. An individual, company, corporation, firm or Government activity who:
a. controls the production of an item, or
b. produces an item from crude or fabricated materials, or
c. assembles materials or components, with or without modification, into more complex items.

Master drawing. A document that shows the dimensional limits or grid locations applicable to any or all parts of a printed board (rigid or flexible), including the arrangement of conductive and non-conductive patterns or elements, size, type, and location of holes; and any other information necessary to describe the product to be fabricated. The Master drawing for a printed wiring board, for example, is the Master pattern. [added by the editor]

Matched parts. Matched parts are those parts, such as special application parts, which are machine or electrically matched, or otherwise mated, and for which replacement as a matched set or pair is essential. Cables or cable assemblies are sometimes found in matched pairs, when the cables are required to have the same delay. Matched cables are produced, measured and test to one or more other cables and may not be substituted by another cable just because the length or mating ends are the same. [added by the editor]

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