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MIL-STD-100G Definitions

MIL-STD-100 Release Dates
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End-product. An end-product is an item, such as an individual part or assembly, in its final or completed state. Also called an End-Item.

Engineering data. Engineering documents such as drawings, associated lists, accompanying documents, manufacturer specifications and standards, or other information prepared by a design activity and relating to the design, manufacture, procurement, test or inspection of items. Editor note; This includes deliverable document, not engineering notes.

Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (FSCM). See Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code. Editor note; A cage code identifies an individual manufacturer by a unique number which has been assigned to them.

Find number or item number. A reference number assigned to an item in lieu of the item's identifying number on the field of the drawing and entered as a cross reference to the item number of the parts lists where the item name and identification number are given. Reference designations in accordance with ANSI/IEEE Std 200 may be used as find numbers or item numbers.

Government design activity. The Government agency responsible, or scheduled to become responsible, for configuration management and design requirements of a configuration item.

Group. A collection of units, assemblies or sub-assemblies which is a sub-division of a set or system, but which is not capable of performing a complete operational function.

Item. A non-specific term used to denote any unit or product including materials, parts, assemblies, equipment, accessories and computer software. Editor note; A definition that pretty much covers everything. However think in terms of a separate line item on a parts list or order form.

Item identification. The combination of the part or identifying number and the original design activity CAGE Code. Editor note; most components have part number stamped or affixed on them.

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