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Department of Defense Index of Specification and Standards. [DoDISS] The DoD publication that lists unclassified Federal and military specifications and standards, related standardization documents, and voluntary standards approved for use by DoD. Editor note; the address for DoDISS is; No hyper-link because like many DOD sites, the address seems to change all the time.

Design activity. A design activity is an activity that has, or has had, responsibility for the design of an item. The activity may be Government, commercial, or nonprofit organization. (ASME Y14.24M).

Digital data. Data stored on a computer system which employs a display on which the user and the computer interact to create entities for the production of layouts, drawings, numerical control tapes, or other engineering data.

Distribution statement. A statement used in marking a technical document to denote the extent of its availability for distribution, release, and disclosure without need for additional approvals and authorizations from the controlling DoD office.
The overall specification will normally indicate the Distribution Statement, while the Specification sheet may not. The 'A' distribution indicates approved for public release, with unlimited distribution.

Document. Document applies to the specifications, drawings, lists, standards, pamphlets, reports and printed, typewritten or other information, relating to the design, procurement, manufacture, test or acceptance inspection of items or services.

Drawing (engineering). An engineering document or digital data file(s) that discloses (directly or by reference), by means of graphic or textual presentations, or combinations of both, the physical and functional requirements of an item.

Drawing format. The arrangement and organization of information within a drawing. This includes such features as the size and arrangement of blocks, notes, lists, revision information, and use of optional or supplemental blocks. Editor note; this may also include the drawing size, such as A-size, or B-size drawing.

Duplicate original. A replica of an engineering drawing or digital data file(s) created to serve as the official record of the item when the original has been lost. Editor note; these day the document is stored on a computer and a replica is easily reproduced. However normally an original is stored or tracked by a computer programs which requires that the document be checked in to the program, there by tracking what the official version is.

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