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Bulk items. Bulk items are those constituents of an assembly or part, such as oil, solder, ink, damping fluid, grease, flux, twine or chain, that satisfies one or more of the following criteria:
a. the quantity required cannot readily be predetermined
b. the physical nature of the material is such that it is not adaptable to pictorial representation
c. the finished size is obtainable through use of such tools as shears, pliers or knives, without further machining operation, and the final configuration is such that it can be described in writing without the necessity of pictorial representation. Editor note; a few non-electrical engineering items were removed.

Code Identification. See Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.
A CAGE Code is a five (5) position code that identifies companies doing or wishing to do business with the Federal Government. The format of the code is the first and fifth position must be numeric. The second, third and fourth may be any mixture of alpha/numeric excluding I and O. All positions are non-significant. Within the U.S., any organization wishing to be a supplier to the DoD is issued a CAGE Code by Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS). Editor Note: this definition is not part of MIL-STD-100.

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code. A five character code listed in Cataloging Handbook H4/H8, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code, which is assigned to commercial and Government activities that manufacture or develop items, or provide services or supplies for the Government. When used with a drawing number or part number, the CAGE Code designates the design activity from whose series the drawing or PIN [Part Identification Number] is assigned. The CAGE Code was previously called manufacturer's code identification number or Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (FSCM).
Editor note: use the Business Identification Number Cross-reference System [BINCS;] to search by CAGE Code, DUNS Number, Company Name, Phone Number, SIC/State, Company/State, SIC, JCP Certification number and ZIP Code]. [Note this link is not part of MIL-STD-100].

Commercial item. A product, material, code, component, sub-system, or system sold or traded to the general public in the course of normal business operations at prices based on established catalog or market prices. (MIL-DTL-31000). Editor note; I don't think this definition applies to custom built products that might be designed later due to a requirement generated after the fact.

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