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Cable Armor

Wire Armor
Wire Armor Protection

Cable Armor. Also called Metallic Armor. A protective covering for wires or cables. Made as a woven wire braid, metal tape, or interlocking metal cover. Types of Cable Armor include wire braid, steel tape and wire armor. Cable Armor is made from steel, copper, bronze, or aluminum. Cable Armor may also be called Armor Clad [Type AC] and Metal Clad [Type MC] or generically [Type BX, historical term].

Cable Types:
The type of armor used with a cable may also define the classification of the cable. A wire braid used to protect the cable may allow the cable to remain flexible; however a solid metal clad covering may render the cable only semi-rigid or barely flexible.

Cable Standards:
NEMA RV 1-2008. Application and Installation Guidelines for Armored Cable and Metal-Clad Cable
UL 514B. Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings
MIL Standard MIL-C-17, M17/52-RG120 Armored.

Multi-conductor Coax Cable
Wire Braid Protection

Note that in the case above a wire braid is used as the over-all cable armor while two different wire braids are also used as conductors. In the example shown both the inner braid and outer braid is used as the outer conductor. Which would really be the same conductor because they make direct contact with each other. Read more on Wire Braid. Note; in many cases a Drain Wire is also used in this type of cable to assist in connecting the shield to ground.

Coax Cable Manufacturers, Coax Connector Manufacturers

Cable Vendors

Be careful about placing armored cable next to non-armored cable. The armor clad or metal clad cable could rub against the insulation of near by cables causing a short. Some specifications may prohibit the use of armor cable in the same cable tray with fiber cable or other types of non-shielded cable. [Chassis Cable Assemblies]

Of course armored cable is never found in an electronic equipment chassis. Armored cable or armored wire would be used between one or more equipment enclosures or between equipment rooms were the cable could be damaged. Equipment Chassis Design Hints. For retrofit applications when existing cable is already present use metal braid for additional protection and EMI Shielding.

Flexible Weatherproof Conduit; MIL-PRF-24758

PC motherboard

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