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Mechanical Rotor

Rotor. The revolving part of a rotating electrical machine. The rotor may be either the field or the armature, depending on the design of the machine. Two different views are shown below.

Motor Rotor
Motor Rotor Diagram

The diagram shows the rotor core, the rotor windings, the bearings and slip rings. This particular rotor also has an attached fan at the rear of the assembly.

AC/DC Motor Vendors; Companies making Motors.

Electronic Motor Rotor

In most cases the definitions of the terms used in the diagrams will be found in the Engineering Dictionary. However there may be a few terms that are missing.

Ball bearings: Two moving parts separated by metal balls.
Cooling Fan: Metal or plastic fins used to move air to remove heat. The device may not have any fins to move air, but the example graphic does show fan blades.
Commutator: A component for reversing the electric field, switching the current flow.
Laminated Core: same as a Rotor Core. The term laminated refers to the coating covering the wires so they don't short to each other.
Rotor Core: The windings that are wrapped around a metal core.
Shaft: A metal tube.
Slip Ring: A component for making electric connections between stationary and rotating contacts. In this case the rotating portion of the device is a rotor.
Winding: Wires used to carry current to generate a magnetic field. The wires could be copper or aluminum, but copper wires would be the most common.

In addition to the page covering companies that produce electrical motors there are also two pages that cover control of electric motors. For instance ICs designed for Controlling AC Motors, and ICs designed for Controlling DC Motor Controls. Both page topics may be found by using the Components like at the bottom of the page, and than selecting the Semiconductor link; for semiconductor Integrated Circuits.

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