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HP Basic Programming Language

BASIC. Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, a non-graphical programming language. While HP basic was their version of BASIC.
The code is an example of HP BASIC used to program over the IEEE-488 bus [from 1985].
The bus controller is an HP-85 Controller and the other device is an SD-350 spectrum analyzer.

The code configures buffers on the HP-85 [lines 40 to 70]. Then tells the SD-350 to take an FFT of the spectrum and transfer the data to the controller.
Line 80 assigns the SD-350 to address 705. This tell the controller that when it talks to the SD-350 to send address 705. Recall that the physical address of a device was set by DIP switches on the devices rear panel. The Output statements send commands to the SD-350 [address 705] registers. The statement is register address, 'comma', function [xxx,Y]. For example line 90 reads the size of the FFT. While line 130 reads the FFT data.

10     ! This is a comment
20     ! spectrum analyzer data transfer
30     ! set-up buffers to store data
40     DIM Buff$[ 1600 ] BUFFER
50     DIM Buff1$[ 1600 ] BUFFER
60     ASSIGN @Buff to BUFFER Buff$
70     ASSIGN @Buff1 to BUFFER Buff1$
80     ASSIGN @Sd350 to 705
90     OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B";204
100    ENTER @Sd350 USING "#,B";X
110    S=2"(X-2)*50
120    X=0
130    OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B";207,1
140    TRANSFER @Sd350 TO @Buff:COUNT S,WAIT
150    X=X+1
160    PRINT X," ",NUM(Buff$[1]), NUM(Buff$[2]),NUM(Buff$[3])
170    OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B":234,2
180    OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B":234,0
190    OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B":239,0
200    TRANSFER @Buff TO @Sd350; COUNT S,WAIT
210    OUTPUT @Sd350 USING "#,B":207,0
220    TRANSFER @Buff1 TO @Sd350; COUNT S,WAIT
230    CONTROL @Buff1,4:0
240    FOR I=1 TO S
250    IF NUM(Buff$[I])<>NUM(Buff1$[I]) THEN GOTO 200
260    NEXT I
270    GOTO 130
290    END

I was controlling a SD-350, among other test equipment, via an HP-85 Controller in a lab environment in mid 1985. However I really don't recall if I wrote this code or not. In any case the test gear involved was certainly retired long ago. So the code only serves as an example of a controller talking over the GPIB interface.

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