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Device Under Test

Device Under Test. [DUT] The component, device or system under going testing. Normally the Device Under Test is a component that forms a larger unit or module, while Unit Under Test [UUT] is the unit or system under test.
Note that System Under Test [SUT] is also in common usage as an acronym. The transistor shown below is the Device Under Test [DUT], or Unit Under Test [UUT]. Additional System Test Acronyms.

Transistor Pulse Response Test Circuit
Pulse Response Test Circuit

The graphic above shows a 2N1711 test circuit setup to test the Pulse Response of the transistor [DUT].
Also refer to How to Derate a 2N1711.

Of course any circuit of this type is setup to test the component under investigation. A transistor, for example, needs to biased correctly.

Transistor Saturated Switching Test Circuit
Saturated Switching Test Circuit

The schematic above shows a NPN transistor test circuit setup to test the Saturated Switching Turn-off Time of the transistor [TUT]. Also refer to How to Derate an NPN Transistor.

In specific cases the term transistor Under Test or TUT may be seen used on military specifications. Example schematic using the term TUT; Transistor Circuits. TUT may also be used to refer to Tube Under Test.

54S140 Dual 4-input NAND gate Test Circuit
Gate Under Test

The acronym GUT may also be used to refer to Gate Under Test.

PC motherboard

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