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Banana Plug

Banana Plug Connector. A type of connector. The graphic below shows a Banana Plug connector. The male portion of the connector is the banana side [right], while the female portion is a BNC connector [left]. The Banana portion, shaped like a banana is produced as a spring metal insert to produce a compression fit with the female mating connector. A Banana Jack is normally used with a panel mount receptacle. Note the connector shown will accept either a female BNC connector or female Banana connector [Banana Socket]. Also, normally the panel side, or receiving end is female [socket] while the cable side is male [jack].

BNC to Male Banana Plug Connector
Female BNC to Male Banana Plug connector

Socket is the female portion of a connector,
Plug is the male end of a connector.

Male Banana Plug Connector, Side view
Side View BNC to Banana Plug connector

Male Banana Plug Connector, back view
Rear View BNC to Banana Plug connector

The female end [Socket] of this connector will accept either a BNC connector or another male Banana connector [Jack].

Banana Connector; Refer to the next page for a view of a Female to Female Banana Jack connectors. The plastic insulating body is produced in either a red insulating plastic or a black insulating plastic.

Military Standard; Commercial Item Description:
A-A-55469; Connectors, Electrical, Plugs, Tip (Test Point Plug, Banana Plug), General Requirements

Definition of BNC Connectors
Definition of Alligator Clip
Manufacturers of BNC Connectors.

Of course there is a number of different types of equipment configured to accept a dual banana jack; other wise the jack would be much good. Input receptacle on power supplies and volt meters have banana plugs spaced to accept the jacks shown above. Proto-boards would be another example. Normally power related connections in bench top equipment will use a banana jack/plug connection.

These banana jacks may also be found as part of a cable assembly; a cable with connectors already attached to one or both ends. The most common cable assemblies would have banana jacks on both ends, or banana plugs, test probes, or a coax connector on the far end of the cable.
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