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Banana Jack, Female

Banana Jack. A type of connector. The graphic below shows a Banana Jack connector. The female portion of the connector is the banana side [right], while the left portion is a BNC connector or Banana Jack [left]. The Banana portion [not shown], is shaped like a banana and produced as a spring metal insert to produce a compression fit with the female mating connector [shown]. A Banana Jack is normally used with a panel mount receptacle. Note this connector shown will accept either a male BNC connector or male Banana connector. Also, normally the panel side, or receiving end is female while the cable side is male.

Female Banana Jack Connector
Male BNC to Female Banana Jack connector

Socket is the female portion of a connector,
Plug is the male end of a connector.

Female Banana Jack Connector, Side view
Side View BNC to Banana Jack connector

Female Banana Jack Connector, rear view
Rear View BNC to Banana Jack connector

All three views of this stacked Banana Jack [dual type] will accept either a male BNC connector or two Male Banana Jacks, and out put a Male Banana Jack. This style of Banana Jack will come in either a red insulating body or a black insulating body. Note that the output end [right side] will also accept a wire which can be screwed down onto the terminal.

Refer here for a view of a Female to Male Banana Jack connectors.

MIL-39024 Banana Jack

Definition of BNC Connectors.
Definition of a Binding Post.
Manufacturers of BNC Connectors.
Manufacturers of Plugs and Jack Connectors.
Manufacturers of Wire and Cables.

Bulk-head Mount Banana Jack
Panel Mount Female Banana Jack connector

Editor note: in some cases the example shown appear with physical dimensions while other examples may not show component dimensions. Sizes for the BNC to Banana adapters are some what standard, so physical dimensions are provided for reference. The panel mount jack is also some what standard, so those dimensions are provided as well. However Jacks of that type could really take on many sizes, so the dimensions are meant to show a reference size, or general size. The two Binding Post examples shows no physical sizes, but does represent a combination binding post and Banana jack.

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