GPIB Connector


IEEE 488 Compatible Electrical Connectors, Miniature Rectangular Receptacle with a Polarized Shell, Shielded, 24 Position, Right Angle, Printed Circuit Board Terminating, Screw Locking

MIL A-A-55145 GPIB Connector
Right Angle Board Mount IEEE-488 Connector

Mil specification A-A-55145 defines an IEEE-488 connector which terminates to a PWB [Printed Wiring Board]. The GPIB cable side is secured by a screw and is right angle to the card.

General requirements account for a electrical digital interface bus connector with a polarized shell receptacle. This connector can be used in applications that require conformance to the IEEE 488 interface standard, and require termination to a printed circuit board of up to 3.175 millimeters (.125 inch) thick. Note; 0.125 inches is the normal thickness of a backplane, and 0.64 is the normal expansion board thickness. The connector is a right angle mount type.

Connectors are intended for commercial & industrial applications and may be used in military systems where individual environmental and performance requirements are met.

Technical description of the General Purpose Interface Bus.
IEEE488.1; defines the physical layer of the bus system. See also, IEC60625.1

Note that the upgrade path for GPIB is called LXI, but is not compatible with the GPIB specification or with this connector. Upgrading to the more modern equipment interconnect standard would require test equipment that follows that standard, although the gear might still have a GPIB interface attached.

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