GPIB Connector

A-A-55144 CID

Electrical, IEEE 488 Compatible Electrical Connector; a Miniature 24 position, Right Angle Rectangular Receptacle, with a Shielded Polarized Shell, used for terminating to a Printed Circuit Board [PWB], containing Screw Locking attachments.

MIL A-A-55144 GPIB Connector CID
PWB Mount IEEE488.1 Connector

Mil specification A-A-55144 defines an IEEE-488 connector which terminates to a PWB [Printed Wiring Board]. The GPIB cable side is secured by a screw.

This board mount style was never in common usage. It has always been much more common to find a panel mount version attached to the back of a piece of equipment which attached to the printed wiring board through a cable. Attaching the GPIB connector to a circuit card was seldom done, because that meant that the surface of the chassis would have to be right up against the board, leaving little room for component height. However board mount connector might be found in test or prototype boards, which are surrounded by an enclosure or case. Of course there are those exceptions when a board-mount GPIB might be mounted on a small circuit card which is then attached to the panel of a chassis, with the cabling running from the smaller board to the main circuit board within the equipment.

General requirements for a polarized shell, receptacle, electrical digital interface bus connector. This connector can be used in applications that require conformance to the IEEE 488 interface standard, and require termination to a printed circuit board of up to 3.175 mm (.125 inch) thick. The connector is a through-hole vertical mount type.

Detailed description of the General Purpose Interface Bus.
Additional IEEE488 CIDs covering other connector variations.
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A CID is a document written or used by the government and functions just like a data sheet, except that a CID may show more than one vendor producing an item, or connector in this case. A private contractor might also refer to a CID when working on a government contract. The CID uses a base document number and uses government approved part numbers within the CID to reference commercial parts. So the CID in fact cuts down the time required for parts procurement because the basic part number identified within the CID has already been approved.

Also see Connector Manufacturers, an OEM index listing of vendors, sorted by product type.

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