GPIB Connector

A-A-55139 CID

Connectors, Electrical, IEEE 488 Compatible, Rectangular, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Receptacle, 24 Position, Cable Terminating, Insulation Displacement, Screw or Bail Locking, Thin Flange

MIL A-A-55139 GPIB Connector
GPIB Ribbon Cable Interface

Mil specification A-A-55139 is a document that defines an IEEE-488 connector which terminates to a cable via an IDC [Insulation Displacement Connector]. The GPIB cable side is secured by a locking screw.

General requirements for a polarized shell, plug, electrical digital interface bus connector. This connector can be used in applications that require conformance to the IEEE 488 interface standard, and require termination of a discrete wire type cable. These connectors are typically used in panel mount applications. Connectors are intended for commercial/industrial applications and shall not be used in military systems needing stringent environmental and electrical requirements.

The polarized shell means that the connectors will only fit together one way, or in one orientation. Note the beveled edges on either side of the connector, forcing the mating to occur in only a certain orientation.

IEEE488.1; defines the physical layer of the bus system.
Technical description of the General Purpose Interface Bus. See also, IEC60625.1

A CID is a government document that defines a commercial product that may be procured by a government entity. The acronym CID stands for Commercial Item Description. The document describes a commercial product using the same language as the associated data sheet,and may in fact provide all the same information as a data sheet. A CID differs from the commercial data sheet because it assigns new government part numbers, or dash numbers to the part. So the CID document number becomes the new part number, and any variations to the part become dash numbers to the document number.

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