GPIB Connector


Connectors, Electrical, IEEE 488 Compatible, Rectangular, Miniature, Polarized Shell, Receptacle, 24 Position, Cable Terminating, Insulation Displacement, Screw or Bail Locking, Thick Flange

MIL A-A-55138 GPIB Connector
Bail Locking IEEE-488 Connector

Mil specification A-A-55183 defines an IEEE-488 connector which terminates to a cable via an IDC [Insulation Displacement Connector]. The GPIB side may be secured either by screws or a locking bail. This is one of a about half a dozen different styles of GPIB connector, each of course for a different application, or mounting method.

Main description of the General Purpose Interface Bus.

General requirements for a polarized shell, plug, electrical digital interface bus connector. This connector can be used in applications that require conformance to the IEEE 488 interface standard, and require termination of a discrete wire type cable.

These GPIB connectors are typically used in cable-to-cable interconnections. IEEE488 Connectors are intended for commercial/industrial applications and may be used in military systems where individual environmental and performance requirements can be met [this is a MIL Spec part].

This information relates to a Commercial Item Description [CID]. You would only really need to use a CID if you worked for some government agency or a department of the Military. Other wise you could just purchase this style of GPIB connector from any distributor. Some government contracts might require the use of government documents [CIDs] when procuring components and parts.


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