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Floppy Disk Drive Manufacturers

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Floppy Disk Drive Manufacturers

Sony {Internal Notebook Drive, Internal PC, External USB Drives}

Sabrent {External USB Floppy Drives}

Samsung {Internal Floppy Drives}

NEC {External USB Floppy Disk Drives}

Mitsumi {Internal Floppy Disk Drives}

Bytecc {External USB [1.1/2.0] Floppy Drives}

Note Floppy Drives are no longer supplied with PCs.

Floppy Disk Drive Description

The Floppy Disk drive [FDD] is considered a legacy product at this point [functionally obsolete], still in production but not recommended for new designs. The transfer speeds are relatively slow, and the data storage capacity vary low. Data transfer speeds for Floppy Disk Drives [FDD] normally are 250KBps for the 720KB disk size and 500KBps for the 1.44MB disk size. However 1.25MBps may also be found on some drives.

FDD spin at a nominal rate of 300 RPM. Common power dissipation over the 5 volt line will be in the range of 1.25 watts. Bit Density for the two common size Floppy Disks are 8717 bpi [Bits per Inch] for the 720KB size and 17434 bpi for the 1.44MB size. Two common size devices are produced for the 3.5 inch floppy drive; the standard version 25.4 x 101.6 x 146mm [H x W x D], and a reduced size version 12.7 x 96 x 126mm [H x W x D].

There are still a number of companies that Manufacturer Floppy Disk Drives, a number of the companies are listed above.. The internal case drives use the FDD pinout described on the linked page, while external drives normally use a USB interface.

Basically floppy drives are obsolete and should no longer be used for new designs with Personal Computers.

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