Flat Panel Display Interface

FPDI Description

FPDI [Flat Panel Display Interface] describes the electrical layer, logical layer, and connector interface between flat panel displays and display controllers in an integrated environment.
Also FPDI-1, used with VGA [640 x 480] and SVGA [800 x 600]. FPDI was followed by FPDI-2; FPDI is a VESA standard.
The FPDI standard was released around 1996 and allows the integration between flat panel displays and graphics controllers.
The FPDI [or FPDI-1] and FPDI-1B were replaced by FPDI-2 in 1998 [Flat Panel Display Interface -2].

Two types of connectors are defined; a 31 contact and 41 contact connector.
The VGA interface uses 16-bits, while the SVGA interface uses 18-bits.

FPDI Connector Pin Out
Pin # Signal name Pin Function Pin # Signal name Pin Function
1GNDGround 17LDD9-
2PCLK- 18LDD10-
3LCLK- 19GNDGround
4FCLK- 20GNDGround
5GNDGround 21LDD0-
6GNDGround 22LDD1-
7LDD11- 23LDD2-
8LDD12- 24LDD3-
9LDD13- 25LDD4-
10LDD14- 26GNDGround
11LDD15- 27BIAS-
12GNDGround 28+5vvolts
13LDD5- 29+5Vvolts
14LDD6- 30NCNo Connect
15LDD7- 31NCNo Connect
16LDD8- ---

Design hint; because the original FPDI interface has been replaced, it's obsolete.

IC Manufacturers
There may be companies still producing ICs, National was making a Graphics Companion Flat Panel Display Controller.
However because of the age of the interface, vendors are no longer listed.

Other Video interfaces used with PC Monitors

SVGA [Super Video Graphics Array]: Interface bus uses a 15-pin D-sub connector. The table above provides the pinouts and signal names for the connectors.
A 15-pin SVGA cable has the same pinout as a 15-pin VGA cable; however, VGA may also be found with a 9-pin D connector.
The pin out and signal names for both a 9 pin and 15 D-sub connector is listed on the VGA Bus page.
A listing on OEM D-sub connector manufacturers may be found on the D-Sub Connector Manufacturers page.
Some other video standards are listed below for reference.

DVI [Digital Visual Interface]: DVI interfaces are currently in full production and can handle digital or analog signals.

VGA [Video Graphics Array]: VGA [1987] is a superset of EGA, incorporating all EGA modes.
Older displays prior to VGA sent digital signals to the monitor, while VGA and later versions send analog signals.

The main PC Video Monitor Bus page, or to the main PC Interface Bus page.
Use the Buses icon at the bottom of the page to reach the top level index for all bus types.
Use the Equipment icon at the bottom of the page to reach manufacturers of PC Monitors.

All of the different interface Video buses deal with layer 1 [Physical, Electrical and Mechanical Layer] of the OSI protocol stack.
Many pages also reference layer 2; the Data Link Layer [which provide bit/byte stuffing, checksum, Protocols..].

PC motherboard

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