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Fire Retardant Materials

Fire-retardant materials. Materials that do not ignite readily or propagate flames under small to moderate fire exposures. While these materials are combustible, their fire-retardant nature tends to reduce the intensity and spread of fire, smoke, and toxic products of combustion. In some cases combustion may be delayed with Fire-retardant materials.

ABS PLASTIC. A type of plastic formed by Acrylonitrilt Butadiene Styrene and other chemicals. ABS is considered a thermoplastic resin. There are more than a dozen types of ABS plastic. ABS 'plastic' becomes fire retardant by adding additives, or by blending ABS with PVC. There can be a number of different thermal grades.

Because of high smoke output, cables using PVC material are not to be used in enclosed environments or shipboard applications [Navy]. The Air Force has restricted use of PVC in aerospace and ground support applications. I would assume that the Army would have similar issues with PVC or other substances that produce a high smoke output in their vehicles.

In other words; if your working a department of defense job, try not to use PVC cables. As you may find that the use of PVC is not allowed, a costly change after cables have already been selected. Although in some cases it may be difficult to find replacement cables that do not use PVC as the insulation material [flat cable for example].
The general requirements for a job may not define or prohibit using PVC, but a sub-specification may specifically indicate that PVC is not to be used. In other words always check the material the cable jacket is made of and make a note of it encase the issue comes up in a design review. Some contracts might assume that the contractor is aware of the details of individual DOD specification used in a program and not specifically indicate no PVC material because it's called out in a number of specifications [as in PVC is not to be used].

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