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Fiber Wire Color Coding

This page describes wire color coding as defined by current military specifications. The color coding is used on the wiring insulation.
metallic insulation is listed on the Copper Wire Insulation Color Code page.
The National Electrical Code [NEC] requires their own coding system for premises wiring.
The National Fire Protection Association [NFPA]; specifies wire insulation colors for industrial machinery [machine tools].
These color codes may or may not apply to your specific application, because they apply to Drills, Motors, and so on.
The NFPA color scheme uses a solid color with another color strip for a number of applications.
NFPA color codes differ from NEC and Mil standard wire codes. For details, see: NFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

EIA598 Fiber Color Chart
Position Number Color & Tracer
1 Blue
2 Orange
3 Green
4 Brown
5 Slate
6 White
7 Red
8 Black
9 Yellow
10 Violet
11 Rose
12 Aqua
13 Blue with Black Tracer
14 Orange with Black Tracer
15 Green with Black Tracer
16 Brown with Black Tracer
17 Slate with Black Tracer
18 White with Black Tracer
19 Red with Black Tracer
20 Black with Yellow Tracer
21 Yellow with Black Tracer
22 Violet with Black Tracer
23 Rose with Black Tracer
24 Aqua with Black Tracer

The table above provides for optical fiber cable color coding [EIA 598-A].
EIA598 color codes the fibers once the cable are grouped into a bundle.

Color coding of Premise Fiber Cable
Fiber Type / Class Diameter (µm) Jacket Color
Multimode 1a 50/125 Orange
Multimode 1a 62.5/125 Slate
Multimode 1a 85/125 Blue
Multimode 1a 100/140 Green
Singlemode IVa All Yellow
Singlemode IVb All Red

The table above provides for optical fiber cable color coding when there is more then one types of cable in the jacket.

Fiber Vendors;
Listing for Fiber-Optic Connector Manufacturers.
Listing for Fiber-Optic Cable Manufacturers.
Listing for Copper Wire and Cable Manufacturers

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