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Discrete Semiconductor Devices

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A General listing of Discrete Logic Manufacturers and vendors, listed in alphabetic order.
Indexed by [BJT] Transistor Manufacturers, Diode Manufacturers, FET Manufacturers, IGBT Manufacturers, SCR Manufacturers, Thyristor Manufacturers, & TRIAC Manufacturers.
TVS [Transient Voltage Suppressor] devices are listed on the Diode manufacturers page.

BJT Vendors {Bipolar Junction Transistor}

Digital Transistors, known as Bias Resistor Transistors (BRTs), are Small Signal Bipolar NPN or PNP Transistors.
Digital transistors are equipped with integrated biasing and pull-down resistors.

BJT Vendors:
Central Semiconductor {Small Signal BJT, Power transistors}

Diodes Inc. {Bipolar - Darlington - Prebiased Transistors, Low Saturation Transistors-Medium Power/High Voltage Transistors-Darlington-RF-Avalanche Transistors-Multichip Transistors-Low saturation Bipolars}

Infineon {RF 'BJT' Transistor Manufacturer}

Linear Integrated Systems {Transistor Manufacturer}

Micro Electronics Corp. {Transistor-To92/To-18/To-220/metal Can/MT-42}

Micropac Industries Inc. {Phototransistors / Photodiodes}

MOSPEC Semiconductor {Darlington Transistors, Switching Transistors}

Mpulse Microwave {Silicon Bipolar MMIC Cascadable Amplifier Manufacturer}

National {Ultra Reliable Power Transistor}

NTE {Darlington, Complementary Pairs, Germanium BJT, RF Transistors}

NXP {Power BJT's - Small Signal Transistors}

ON Semiconductor {Audio - Darlington - General Purpose BJT - Low VCE (SAT) - Radio Frequency - Digital Transistors, BRTs}

Renesas Technology Corp {Power BJT's - Small Signal Transistors}

Semelab {High Rel Transistors}

Semicoa Semiconductor {NPN/PNP Transistors-Chip Transistors}

Sensitron Semiconductor {Bipolar / Small Signal Transistors}

Solid State Devices Inc. {BJT}

Solitron Devices Inc. {Planar Power Transistors}

STMicroelectronics {Power Transistors- Small Signal Transistor Manufacturer}

Surge Components Inc. {NPN/PNP Transistor Manufacturer}

Vishay {Small Signal BJT - DMOS Transistor}

Transistor Terms and Definitions
BJT Temperature-Power Derating Curves {How to derate a transistor based on power}.

{BJT's, and FET Manufacturers Index}

FET Vendors {Field Effect Transistor}

FET: Field Effect Transistor
JFET: Junction FET [Field Effect Transistor]
MOSFET: metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) Field Effect Transistor (FET)
MESFET: metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (FET)
GaAs: Gallium Arsenide

HEXFET, TMOS, DMOS, UMOS, VMOS, ZMOS: Additional names which define the internal structure, not type.

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. {MOSFET Manufacturer}

Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. {MOSFET Manufacturer}

California Eastern Lab {GaAs MESFET Manufacturer}

Central Semiconductor

Champion Microelectronic Corp {Power MOSFET Manufacturer}

Diodes Inc. {N-Channel, P-Channel, Complimentary Pair, FET/BJT Combination, FET/Schottky Combo}

Fairchild Semiconductor {Discrete MOSFET, Complementary, Dual, SyncFET,Power Stage}

Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Hexawave {GaAs FET - MOSFET Manufacturer}

Infineon {FET-GaAs FET-Power MOSFET}

International Rectifier {N-Channel/P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFETs}

Intersil {Power MOSFET Manufacturer}

IXYS {MOSFET Manufacturer}

Linear Integrated Systems {JFET-MOSFET-DMOS}

Micrel Semiconductor {MOSFET Driver Manufacturer}

MicroWave Technology {GaAs FETs}


NEC {FET Manufacturer}

NTE {JFET-MOSFET Manufacturer}

NXP {Single gate / Dual gate MOSFETs - JFET}

ON Semiconductor {Power MOSFET Manufacturer}

Polyfet {RF Lateral/Vertical DMOS}

Powerex Inc

Renesas Technology Corp {Power MOSFET}

Semelab {High Rel MOSFET}

Semikron International {Power MOSFET Modules}

Sensitron Semiconductor {P channel / N channel MOSFETs}

Shindengen {MOSFET Manufacturer}

Solid State Devices Inc.

Solitron Devices Inc. {JFET - MOSFET Manufacturer- JAN, JANTX, JANTXV Field Effect Transistors}

STMicroelectronics {Power MOSFET}

TOREX Semiconductor Ltd. {Power MOSFET}

Vishay{FET Manufacturer}


Isolated Quad Field Effect Transistor [FET] in a 14-Pin Dual In-Line Package [DIP], Pin out and Package Dimensions.
Because this is a DIP package with four FETs the Drain current [Id] is only 0.75 amps at 25 degrees centigrade.
D is the Drain, S is the Source and G is the Gate for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 Semiconductor Devices in this package [MO-036AB];
Quad P-Channel FET 2N7335 and 2N7336. or Quad N-Channel FET 2N7334 and 2N7337.

International Rectifier sells the 2N7335 part as IRFG9110 or JANTX2N7335 in the package described on this page.
SEME Lab sells the 2N7334 part as 2N7334 or IRFG110 in the package described on this page.

Design Rules for Derating FETs.
Temperature Derating Curves; 2N6756, 2N6758, 2N6760, 2N6764, 2N6766, 2N6768, 2N6770, 2N7000

{Transistor, and FET Manufacturers Index}

Thyristor Vendors

BCT: Bi-Directional Control Thyristors
GTO: Gate Turn off Thyristors
PCT: Phase Control Thyristors
SIDAC: Bidirectional Thyristor Diodes
SUS : Silicon Unilateral Switch
SBS : Silicon Bilateral Switch
SCS : Silicon Controlled Switch

This page contains a listing of Thyristor manufacturers.

{BJT's, and FET Manufacturers Index}

Other Discrete Vendors

California Eastern Lab {HEMT Manufacturer}

Fairchild Semiconductor {DPST Selection Guides}


NTE {UJT-PUT-MOV-ITR-ICP Manufacturer}

NXP (Programmable UJT)


Uni-Junction Transistor Schematic Symbol
UniJunction Transistor

HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor
UJT: Uni Junction Transistor
PUT: Programmable Unijunction Transistor
ICP: The IC (Integrated Circuit) Protector (ICP) is an over-current protection device having stable and high-speed circuit tripping characteristics which enable these devices to shut off the circuit quickly and safely. This quick shut-off response protects valuable semiconductor devices and circuits from common load short-circuit failures.
Diac: a bidirectional trigger diode which is designed specifically to trigger a triac or SCR.

A General listing of Discrete Semiconductor Manufactures and vendors, listed in alphabetic order. Indexed by Transistors [BJT] manufacturers, Diode manufacturers, FET manufacturers, IGBT manufacturers, SCR manufacturers, Thyristor manufacturers, TRIAC manufacturers, and Others. Additional electronic Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon below, or component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

{BJT's, and FET Manufacturers Index}

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