Ethernet in the First Mile

Ethernet Baseband Network Standard
IEEE 802.3ah

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Ethernet in the First Mile Description

The Ethernet in the First Mile interface [EFM] expands the application of Ethernet to include subscriber access networks.
EFM is used under the following interfaces:
Point to point fiber (P2P)
Point to multi-point fiber (EPON)
Point to point copper (Copper)
1000BaseX extended temperature range optics
1000BaseX >= 10 km over single-modeSM fiber
PHY for single-pair, nonloaded, voice-grade copper; Distance >= 2500 ft and speed >= 10-Mbps aggregate
PHY >= 10 km over SM fiber

Ethernet-over-VDSL (EoVDSL)
Passive Optical Network Acronyms (PON)

Ethernet Online Standards Information

ANSI/IEEE 802.3ah
Media Access Control Parameters, Physical Layers, and Management Parameters for Subscriber Access Networks

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., IEEE []

Ethernet Product Vendors

Currently there are no vendors listed.

Metrobility: {Service demarcation, transport demarcation, Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM)}

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