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Pseudo Random Binary Sequence: [PRBS] The pseudo random sequences codes are also known as Maximum Length Sequence codes. Also; maximal length sequences [MLS] or m-sequences.
The Pseudo random number appears to be random, but not really random.

PRBS Circuit
PRBS Generator Circuit

Pseudorandom Number Generator: [PRNG] A circuit that generates pseudo random numbers. The most common circuit for generating a Pseudo Random Binary Sequence is to use a Shift Register with the output taps feeding an XOR gate. The XOR gate is then used to feed the input of the PRBS circuit. The numbered blocks in the diagram above are the bits of a Shift Register.

Pseudorandom Number Sequence: An ordered set of numbers that has been determined by some defined arithmetic process but is effectively a random number sequence for the purpose for which it is required. 2. A sequence of numbers that satisfies one or more of the standard tests for statistical randomness.

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