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Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor: A capacitor that uses tantalum as a dielectric. Tantalum Capacitors are smaller and more stable than Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, but cost more. Also see Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturers.

NIC Tantalum Capacitor SMD sizes
SMD Tantalum Capacitor Sizes

TC: Temperature Coefficient. The TC indicates the capacitors change in capacitance value over its operating temperature range. Common TCs; Y5P, NPO, X7R, Z5U, Y5F.
Read more Dielectric Types.

Teflon: A Dielectric material used in some types of capacitors.

Temperature Coefficient Designation: A three letter code developed by the EIA to indicate; Minimum Temperature Range, Maximum Temperature Range, Value change over Temperature [as in NPO]. Refer to Capacitor Dielectric Types.

Temperature Compensating Capacitor: A capacitor whose capacitance varies with temperature in a known and predictable manner. The capacitor will have a known value change with temperature that is given in parts per million per degree centigrade and in which direction the capacitor will change as the temperature changes; as in the capacitance will increase with increasing temperature, or decrease with increasing temperature.

Thick Film Component: Passive circuit components (resistors and capacitors) having a thickness of 0.001 centimeter.

Threaded Stud Capacitor: A mounting style when a capacitor uses a threaded stub or bolt for mounting.

Threaded Stud Capacitor Mounting
Threaded Stud Capacitor

Thin Film Component: Passive circuit elements (resistors and capacitors) deposited on a substrate to a thickness of 0.0001 centimeter.

Time Constant: Time required for an exponential quantity to change by an amount equal to 63.2 percent of the total change that can occur.

Tolerance: The maximum permissible error or variation from the standard in a measuring instrument. A maximum electrical or mechanical variation of specifications that can be tolerated without impairing the operation of a device. Capacitor Tolerance is normally given at 25 degree C [standard room temperature]. Tolerance codes +; F= 1%, G= 2%, J= 10%, K= 20% and Z= +80% / -20%.

Variable Capacitor Symbols used on a schematic
Trimmer Capacitor Symbols

Trimmer Capacitor: A variable capacitor, normally a small-value adjustable style. Trimmer Capacitors are classified by dielectric. Trimmer Capacitor Manufacturers, Trimmer Capacitor Styles.

Tubular Capacitor: A capacitor in the form of a cylinder or tube. A term normally used in reference to an axial lead component, which describes the body shape.

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