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Manufacturers: Companies that manufacture capacitors are listed on the Capacitor Manufacturers page.

Metal Foil Capacitor. A capacitor that uses a metal foil as the electrode; as opposed to a film or paper electrode impregnated with metal.

Metal Insulator Semiconductor Capacitor. [MIS]. A MIS Capacitor, so called because the single layer capacitor [i.e. not a multi-layer capacitor] uses a layer of metal, then an insulator, followed by a layer of semiconductor material. The insulator is normally silicon nitride. These are small RF chip capacitors that operate up into the GHz range. The MIS capacitor has more than twice the rated voltage as a MOS capacitor.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor. [MOS]. The MOS Capacitor uses an insulator that is normally silicon dioxide. These are small RF chip capacitors that operate up into the GHz range. A MOS capacitor has a lower operating voltage range than a MIS capacitor, and has a sliglty lower capacitor range.

Metallised Film Capacitor. A film capacitor that has had some type of metal impregnated onto the film.

Metallised Paper Capacitor. A paper capacitor that has had some type of metal impregnated onto the paper.

Mica: A type of dielectric. Mica is inert it will not change over time or temperature, and is used in high precession applications. Mica dielectric capacitors are covered in the MIL-PRF-39001 specification. Also refer to Mica Capacitor Part Marking.

Military Standards: Capacitors that are produce to Military Specifications [MIL Spec], Military Capacitor Standards.

MLC: Multi-Layer Ceramic, or Multi-Layer Capacitor.

MLCC: Multi-layer Chip Capacitor, or Multi-layer Ceramic Chip. A high capacitance surface mount capacitor with low impedace. A Multi-layer Ceramic Chip uses alternating layers of ceramic and metal.

Molded Capacitor: A capacitor encased in plastic insulation.

Network: A capacitor network is a group of capacitors somehow connected together. In some cases a group of capacitors in the same package form a capacitor network. Also see Capacitor Array.

Noninductive Capacitor: A capacitor that has a low inductance at high frequencies.

Nonleaded: A capacitor package with out any leads as in a surface mount package [Capacitor Chip Sizes]. A non-leaded capacitor still has terminals, or connection points.

NPO: EIA temperature Coefficient Designation, Stable over temperature [Graph of Capacitor Temperature Coefficients].

Operational Frequency Range: The range of frequencies a capacitor will operate over. The operating frequency range is determined by the dielectric material used within the capacitor.

Capacitor Dielectric Operating Frequency Limits
Dielectric Operating Frequency Limits
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