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Failure Rate: The rate that a capacitor will suffer a failure as a function of temperature, applied voltage, and circuit impedance. Capacitors will experience failure at a rate depending almost exclusively upon the manner in which the capacitors are used. Also refer to the chart showing Temperature vs Failure Rate x rated voltage.

Farad: Unit of capacitance. A capacitor has a capacitance of 1 farad when a voltage potential of 1 volt across it produces a charge of 1 coulomb.

Chassis Mount Feed-Thru Capacitor Drawing
Feed-Thru Capacitor Diagram

Feed-Thru Capacitor: A capacitor used to pass through a bulk head, separating each side of the bulkhead by the internal capacitor of the component. The page covering Feed-Thru Capacitors has a larger definition. Also Refer to MIL-C-11015, M11015, or MIL-PRF-11693/7.

Film Capacitor: A capacitor that uses plastic film as the dielectric. Plastic dielectrics; Mylar, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polysulfone, Teflon. More on Dielectric Materials. [Manufactures of Film Capacitors]

Filter: A selective network of resistors, capacitors, and inductors that offers comparatively little opposition to certain frequencies, while blocking or attenuating other frequencies. A 'T' [Tee] filter is shown below. Refer to the entry on Passive Filters [main dictionary].

Filter Circuit schematic
LC Filter Schematic

Fixed Capacitor: A capacitor with a fixed value. A capacitor whose capacitance value cannot be adjusted or varied. The dielectric is not defined and could be any normally used material, including; air, glass, mica, paper, plastic and so on.

Flat Pack: A case style used by certain types of capacitors. There are different sizes in addition to the capacitor shown below. There are also different styles of terminals or leads for the capacitor packages.

Flat Case Capacitor, Flat-Pack
Flat Pack Capacitor Drawing

Flashpoint of impregnant: The temperature to which the impregnant (liquid or solid) must be heated in order to give off sufficient vapor to form a flammable mixture.

Foil Capacitor: A capacitor that uses a metal foil as the electrode.

Frequency Range: See Operational frequency range for a chart of dielectrics.

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