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DC leakage (DCL): Stray direct current of relatively small value which flows through or across the surface of solid or liquid insulation when a voltage is impressed across the insulation.

Decoupling Capacitor: Also called an IC By-Pass capacitor. A capacitor which decouples the effects of the power supply [for example] from an Integrated Circuit [IC]. By placing a decoupling capacitor next to an IC, the lead inductance to the power supply is reduced 'de-coupled by the near-by capacitor, which has far less trace inductance.

Derating: The act of selecting a device which has a higher voltage rating, temperature rating, or capacitance than required for the given application. How to Derate Capacitors.

DF: Dissipation Factor. The ratio of resistance to reactance as a percent.

Design Hint;
Take note of the via locations in the Decoupling Capacitor diagram. The via is always placed on the far side of the trace, away from the Integrated Circuit [IC]. The capacitor than discharges directly to the IC over the simple trace with out the need to transverse the via, which acts as a low pass filter.

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