Engineering Dictionary of Capacitor Terms
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Vacuum Capacitor: A high voltage capacitor that uses a vacuum as the dielectric to increase the breakdown voltage. Vacuum capacitors have the lowest possible dielectric constant [it's a vacuum]. Vacuum capacitors have an indefinite life.

Values, Common: Common chip capacitor values for polarized and non-polarized capacitors.

Variable Capacitor
Trimmer Capacitor

Variable Capacitance Diode: [VCD] Also called a semiconductor capacitor, Varactor diode or Vaicap diode. A diode that changes capacitance with applied voltage. A voltage dependent variable capacitor.

Variable Capacitor: An adjustable Capacitor. A capacitor that does not have a fixed value. A capacitor that varies in capacitance by adjusting the area of its plates or the distance between them. Reference Trimmer Capacitor Styles. A Varactor Diode, or Varicap diode.

V-Chip Capacitor: [Vertical-Chip] A type of surface mount packaging used with Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Voltage Controlled Capacitor: A Varactor Diode.

Voltage Duration: Capacitors are operated at a voltage below their rated value then the reduced stress and lower leakage current will give an improvement in the life expectancy. Since leakage current increases with temperature the benefit of a reduced operating voltage is more pronounced at higher temperatures.

Working Voltage: .The maximum voltage that a capacitor may operate at without the risk of damage.

Wound Capacitor: A construction method used in making some capacitors using various dielectrics. The metal layers of the capacitor are rolled around a spindle with out coming in contact with each other.

XR7: EIA temperature Coefficient Designation, 15% variation over temperature.

Y5V: EIA temperature Coefficient Designation, General Purpose.

Z5U: EIA temperature Coefficient Designation, General Purpose.

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