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Paper: A type of dielectric. Paper Capacitors are fix value capacitors used in High voltage applications. The attached picture shows to styles of Metallized Paper Capacitors.

Paper devices should not be used in a high moisture environment unless the device is in a hermetic case, the capacitance will increase, the power factor, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and life will degrade.

Metallized-Paper Capacitor
Paper Capacitor

Paper capacitors have near 10% tolerances. Paper capacitors are made by rolling a metal film separated by an oil or wax paper and inclosed in a metal or plastic case.

Plastic Film: A type of dielectric. Plastic film capacitors have all the attributes of a paper diealectric but do not operate to as high a voltage. There are seven types of Plastic Film dielectrics; Mylar, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polysulfone, Polystyrene, Teflon. Manufacturers of Plastic Film Capacitors.

Plastic Film Capacitor per MIL-PRF-55514
Plastic Capacitor

Partially inactive for new design: Containing both active and inactive Department of Defense specification sheets (for Department of Defense specifications), or both active and inactive parts (for Department of Defense specification sheets).

3-Terminal Metal Can Capacitor
Polarized Capacitor

Polarized Capacitor: An electrolytic capacitor with the dielectric film adjacent to only one metal electrode. Polarized Capacitors are designed to operate with only one direction of current flow, reverse current flow in the opposite direction will damage the part. The anode is the plus, and the cathode is negative. With leaded devices the cathode lead is shorter than the anode. Surface mount caps will have a polarity band on the anode. Normally found as the higher capacitance devices. Polarized Capacitor Manufacturers.

Polarity Bands: A strip used on surface mount capacitors to identify the correct polarity of a Polarized Capacitor. Surface mount caps will have a polarity band on the anode. ALso refer to; Polarized Capacitor.

Polarized Capacitor Marking
Polarized SMD Capacitor Identification

Polytantalum: [Poly-tantalum], also called a POSCAP [Polymerized Organic Semiconductor Capacitor]. A solid electrolytic chip capacitor with a low ESR, developed by Sanyo, in which the Anode is sintered Tantalum and the Cathode is a highly conductive polymer.

Potted Capacitor: Is a molded capacitor which has been oven cured.

Power factor (PF): The ratio of resistance to impedance, measured in percent. The ratio of actual power to apparent power.

Pulse Capacitor: A capacitor developed for extremely high pulse loads.

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