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Ganged Tuning: A variable capacitor connected in parallel with another variable capacitor so that as one is varied they both change by the same degree. The graphic represent the schematic symbol for a Ganged-Capacitor.

variable capacitor symbol
Ganged Capacitor

variable dual capacitor photograph
Ganged Capacitor

General Purpose: [GP]. A capacitor with no defined 'specific' application, which may be used in general applications.

Glass Capacitor: A capacitor that uses a glass dielectric. Glass dielectric is one of the most stable, inert materials available. Glass doesnt corrode or degrade in any way. Glass is not subject to microfractures, delaminations, and other problems associated with certain crystalline materials. The specification MIL-PRF-23269 covers fixed capacitors with a glass dielectric. Capacitors using a glass dielectric are not that common, so do not have a separate listing under component vendors. Capacitor Vendors by Dielectric Material.

Green Glass Capacitor: A capacitor that uses a green glass dielectric, with a dielectric constant of 8.3.

GTO Capacitor: GTO capacitors are especially designed to attenuate voltage spikes on GTO (Gate-Turn-Off) Thyristors and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) devices.

H-Chip: Horizontal Chip Capacitors.

Hermetic Sealed Capacitor: A hermetically sealed capacitor is one in which the capacitance element is contained within a sealed enclosure of ceramic, glass, metal, or a combination, where sealing is accomplished by material fusion, welding, brazing or soldering.

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