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Dielectric: An insulating (non-conducting) medium. Capacitors use a number of different types of Dielectrics. The insulating material (e.g., air, paper, mica, oil, etc.,) between the plates of a capacitor. The dielectric used determines the characteristics the capacitor will exhibit, this page provide a list of available Capacitor Dielectric Materials. Refer to Dielectric Operational Frequency Range

Dielectric absorption: Property of an imperfect dielectric whereby all electric charges within the body of the material caused by an electric field are not returned to the field.

Dielectric Constant: Property of a dielectric material that determines how much electrostatic energy can be stored per unit volume when unit voltage is applied. Dielectric Constant is the ratio of the capacitance of a capacitor filled with a given dielectric to that of the same capacitor having a vacuum dielectric. The ratio of a given dielectric to the dielectric value of air. The property of an insulation which determines the electrostatic energy stored per unit volume for unit potential gradient.

Dielectric Leakage: Power loss of a capacitor because of the leakage of current through the dielectric. Also relates to leakage resistance; the higher the leakage resistance, the lower the dielectric leakage.

Dielectric loss: The time rate at which electric energy is transformed into heat in a dielectric when it is subjected to a changing electric field.

Dielectric Material: The insulating material (e.g., air, paper, mica, oil, etc.,) between the plates of a capacitor.

Dielectric Paper Plastic Film Ceramic Electrolytic Mica
Temp Range -55C to +125C -55C to +125C -55C to +125C -55C to +125C -60C to +125C
Bypass Large size Yes * Yes * Low Freq High cost
Value .001uF to 10uF .001uF to 10uF 1pF to 10uF 1uF to 100(s)uF 1pF to 100000pF
MIL Spec MIL-C-18312
MIL-C-18312 MIL-C-11015 MIL-C-62 MIL-C-5

Dielectric strength: The maximum voltage that a dielectric material can withstand without rupturing. The value obtained for the dielectric strength will depend on the thickness of the material and on the method and conditions of test.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: [DWV] A maximum voltage at which the dielectric of a component does not break down, is not damaged or does not produce any arcing. The voltage rating a capacitor can withstand for short periods of time, above its rated voltage.

Dipped Capacitor: A [radial] leaded capacitor that has its outer body formed or encapsulated by dipping the capacitor into a liquid resin, which is than allowed to dry on the surface of the device forming the outer shell of the component. A Coated capacitor.

Dipped Ceramic Capacitor
Dipped Cap

Discoidal Capacitor: A capacitor in the shape of a round disk. The government specification MIL-PRF-31033 calls out a ceramic Discoidal Capacitor.

Disk Capacitor: A leaded capacitor with a body in the shape of a disk. Normally disk capacitors were low value ceramic capacitors. The ceramic disk types are covered by an insulating resin, plastic, or ceramic; the thin-plated subminiature types may be dipped, molded, or placed into preformed cases. The size shown is one possible example.

Military Disk Capacitor Dimensions
Disk Capacitor

Dissipation factor (DF): The ratio of resistance to reactance, measured in percent. The percentage of apparent power input that will turn to heat. ESR/Xc.

Door-Knob Capacitor: A capacitor package style.

Drift: [Capacitance Drift] is normally provided as a percentage from the initial value or as a maximum permissible value. See Aging.

Droop, Voltage: The reduction in output voltage from an IC produced when the device is required to deliver current faster then the IC can respond. Adding a Decoupling Capacitor will eliminate voltage droop; the capacitor value is equal to the required amount of current being produce times the signal rise time divided by the allowable voltage droop. Detailed Voltage Droop Discussion.

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