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'Pa' to 'Pl', 'Pm' to 'Pq', 'Pr' to 'Pz'

pm - Phase Modulation
PM - mean power
PM - polarization-maintaining [optical fiber]
PM - Power Management
PM - preventive maintenance
PM - pulse modulation
PMB - pilot-make-busy [circuit]
PMC - PCI Mezzanine Card [PMC Manufacturers]
PMD - Physical Medium Dependent
PMIC - Power management IC
PMM - Phase Modulation, Pulse Modulation
PMO - program management office
PMSM - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
PMT - Photomultiplier tubes
PND - Portable Navigation Devices
PnP - Plug and Play [software]
PNP - Positive Negative Positive [transistor]
POC - Proof Of Concept
POD - Pseudo Open Drain
POD - Point of Deployment
POE - Power over Ethernet [POE Description]
PoF - Physics of Failure, Point of Failure
POF - Polymer Optic Fiber, Plastic Optical Fiber
POI - Point of Interface
POL - Point Of Load [Regulator Manufacturers]
PON - Passive Optical Network [PON Acronyms]
POP - Point of Presence
POP - Package on Package
POR - Power-On reset [Supervisory IC Manufacturers]
POSIX - portable operating system interface for computer environments
POST - Power-On Self-Test
POTS - plain old telephone service
PP - polarization-preserving [optical fiber]
P-P - peak-to-peak [value]
P/P - point-to-point
PPGA - Plastic Pin Grid Array [PGA description]
PPI - Parallel Port Interface
PPM - Parts Per Million, pulse-position modulation
PPMC - Processor PMC [PPMC Manufacturers]
PPP - Point to Point Protocol
PPPoE - Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
pps - pulses per second
PPTP - Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Pack

PC motherboard

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