Engineering Abbreviations
"A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M",
"N", "O", "P", "Q", "R", "S", "T", "U", "V", "W", "X", "Y", "Z"

'Ma' to 'Md', 'Me' to 'Ml', 'Mm' to 'Mz'

MEC - Media Expansion Card
MECL - Motorola Emitter Coupled Logic [ECL]
MELF - Metal Electrode Leadless Face
MEMS - Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems [MEMS Packaging]
MERCAST - merchant-ship broadcast system
MESFET - MEtal Semiconductor FET [FET Manufacturers]
MF - medium frequency, multifrequency [signaling]
MFD - mode field diameter
MFG - Mixed Flowing Gas
MFLOPS - Millions of Floating Point operations per Second
MFSK - multiple frequency-shift keying
MFM - Modified Frequency Modulation [encoding]
MFM - Multi-Function Modules [ICs]
MFR - Manufacturer
MHEMT - metamorphic high-electron mobility transistor
MHF - medium high frequency
MHS - message handling service
MHS - message handling system
MHz - megahertz, 106
mi - mile
MIB - Management Information Base
MIC - medium interface connector
MIC - microphone [Mic Manufacturers]
MIC - Microwave Integrated Circuit [RF IC Manufacturers]
MIC - minimum ignition current
MIC - monolithic integrated circuit
MIC - mutual interface chart
MID - Mobile Internet Device
MIDI - Music Instrument Digital Interface [MIDI Pinout]
MII - Media Independent Interface [MII Description]
Mil - One-thousandth of an inch [0.001"]
MIL - Military
milli - (10-3)
MILNET - military network
MIL-STD - Military Standard
MIMO - Multiple Input Multiple Output
min - minute
MIP - medium interface point
MIPI - Mobile Industry Processor Interface
MIPS - million instructions per second
MIS - Management Information System
MIS - Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor
MISFET - Metal Insulator Semiconductor FET [FET Vendors]
MKS - meter-kilogram-second
MLC - Multilayer Ceramic
MLC - Multi-Level Cell
MLS - Maximal Length Sequence [PRBS]
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