Engineering Acronyms
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'La' to 'Le', 'Lf' to 'Lo', 'Lp' to 'Lz'

LF - low frequency
LFB - look-ahead-for-busy [information]
LFBGA - Low-Profile, Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array [IC package]
LFPS - low frequency periodic signaling
LFT - Line Fault Threshold
LGA - Land Grid Array, Pins on Motherboard not socket [IC package]
LICC - Low Inductance Chip Capacitor [Capacitor Terms]
LIF - Low Insertion Force
LIFO - last-in first-out
LISP - List Processing [programming language]
LIU - Line Interface Unit
LLC - logical link control [sub-layer]
LLCC - Leadless Chip Carrier [IC package]
LLCR - Low Level Contact Resistance
l/m - lines per minute
lm - Lumens
LMF - language media format
LMR - land mobile radio
LNA - launch numerical aperture [optical fiber]
LNA - Low Noise Amplifier
LNB - low noise block
LO - Local Oscillator
LOF - lowest operating frequency
loran - long-range radio aid to navigation
LOS - line of sight, loss of signal
PC motherboard

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