Engineering Acronyms
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'Ia' to 'Ie', 'If' to 'Io', 'Ip' to 'Iz'

IF - intermediate frequency
I/F - interface
IFF - identification, friend or foe
IFRB - International Frequency Registration Board [obsolete term]
IFR - Intrinsic Failure Rate
IFS - ionospheric forward scatter
IGBT - Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGFET - Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor [FET Vendors]
IIC - Inter-IC [IIC Bus]
IIR - infinite impulse response
IIS - Inter-IC Sound [IIS Bus]
IITF - Information Infrastructure Task Force
ILD - injection laser diode
IM - intensity modulation, intermodulation [IM definition]
I&M - installation and maintenance
IMA - Integrated Microwave Assemblies
IMA - Integrated Modular Avionics
IMC - Intermetallic Compound
IMD - Intermodulation Distortion
IMP - interface message processor
IMSM - Integrated Membrane Switch Modules
IN - intelligent network
INC - Interface Network Controller
INCITS - International Committee for Information Technology Standards
INFOSEC - information systems security
InGaN - Indium Gallium Nitride
INL - Integral Non-Linearity
INP - Indium phosphide
INS - inertial navigation system
INT - Interrupt
I/O - input/output [device]
IOB - Input Output Buffer
IOC - integrated optical circuit, initial operational capability
IOC - input-output controller
IOPS - Input/Output Operations Per Second

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