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EIA - Electronic Industries Association
EIAJ - Electronic Industries Association of Japan
eirp - effective isotropically radiated power
eirp - equivalent isotopically radiated power
EIS - Emergency Information System
EISA 'Bus' - Extended Industry Standard Architecture Interface
el - elevation
EL - Electro-Luminescent
ELECTRO-OPTINT - electro-optical intelligence
ELED - Edge-emitting LED
ELF - Extremely Low Frequency
ELINT - electromagnetic intelligence, electronics intelligence
ELSEC - electronics security
ELT - emergency locator transmitter
EMAC - Ethernet MAC
EMAC - Ethernet Media Access Controller
EmbATX - Embedded ATX [Motherboard]
EMC - electromagnetic compatibility
EMCON - emission control
EMD - equilibrium mode distribution
EME - electromagnetic environment
emf - electromotive force
EMI - electromagnetic interference
EMIF - External Memory Interface [EMIF]
EMP - electromagnetic pulse
EMR - electromagnetic radiation
EMR - ElectroMechanical Relay [Relay Manufacturers]
EMR - electromagnetic radiation hazards
e.m.r.p. - effective monopole radiated power
e.m.r.p. - equivalent monopole radiated power
EMS - electronic message system
EMSEC - emanations security
emu - electromagnetic unit
EMV - electromagnetic vulnerability
EMW - electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic warfare
EMXO - Evacuated Miniature Crystal Oscillator
ENET - Ethernet [Ethernet description]
ENIG - Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
ENOB - Effective Number Of Bits
ENQ - enquiry character
ENR - Excess Noise Ratio
EO - end office
E.O. - Executive Order
EOB - End-Of-Block
EOC - Electrical Optical Converter
EOD - end of data
EOF - end of file
EOL - End Of Life [Life Cycle Definition]
EOL - end of line [Obsolete term]
EOM - end of message
EOP - end of program, end output
EOS - Electrical Over Stress
EOS - end-of-selection character
EOT - end-of-transmission character [ASCII Table]
EOT - End Of Tape [Obsolete term]
EoVSDL - Ethernet-over-VDSL
EOW - engineering orderwire
PC motherboard

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