Acronyms for Electronics
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'Ca' to 'Cg', 'Ch' to 'Cr', 'Cs' to 'Cz'

CSA - Communication Streaming Architecture
CSA - Canadian Standards Association
CSC - circuit-switching center
CSC - common signaling channel
CSCB - Commercial Standard Communications Bus [CSCB]
CSDB - Commercial Standard Digital Bus [CSDB Description]
CSI - Common System Interface [CSI Description]
CSMA - carrier sense multiple access [CSMA Definition]
CSMA/CA - carrier sense multiple access / collision avoidance
CSMA/CD - carrier sense multiple access / collision detection
CSP - Chip Scale Package
CSSP - Customer Specific Standard Products
CSU - channel service unit
CSU - circuit switching unit, customer service unit
CT Bus - Computer Telephony Bus [CT Bus Description]
CTE - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTI - Computer-Telephony Integration
CTS - clear to send
CTX - clear to transmit
CV - Constant Voltage
CVD - chemical vapor deposition
CVBS - composite video baseband signal
CVSD - Continuously Variable Slope Delta [modulation]
CVSL - Cascode Voltage Switch Logic
cw - carrier wave
cw - composite wave, continuous wave
CX - composite signaling
cxr - carrier
PC motherboard

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