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Graphic of a SMA Connector assembly attached to a cable
SMA Connectors

SMA: The 'Sub-Miniature A' connector, or more commonly the SMA connector, is a 50 ohm threaded connector. The main application of SMA connectors is on components for RF and microwave systems. This link provides a graph of Frequency Range vs Connector Type for a number of different connector styles. Although in some application they are used to replace BNC connectors when board space might be an issue. The connector normally has a frequency range to 18 GHz, but high performance varieties can be used to 26.5 GHz.

The SMA connector is comprised of an outer conductor [normally ground] and an inner conductor which normally carries the signal. An SMA connector is used with a Coax Cable 'Manufacturers'
The BNC Connector or TNC Connector
is a similar style connector, but larger.

SMA to BNC RF Adapter
SMA to BNC Adapter

SMA connectors contain all the same cable connection styles as any other connector series. Two of the most notable connector styles are shown here. The third a Printed Wiring Board [PWB] is missing. The graphic above shows a SMA to BNC adaptor.
While an SMA Gender Changer is shown below, or SMA Jack to SMA Plug.

SMA Male-to-female Adapter per MIL-PRF-55339/55
SMA Gender Changer

More importantly the version shown above is also called a Connector Saver. A Connector Saver is used to attached [once] to a device under development or test, which then handles the multiple connection/disconnection that occur during the test phase. That way the connector-saver sustains the reduction in service life, while the original connector only sees one connection/disconnection. Recall that a connector will only reliable function under some predetermined interconnections.

Refer here for Coax Connector Manufacturers

BNC Jack to SMA Plug
SMA to BNC Connector

TNC Socket to SMA Pin
SMA to TNC Connector

There are a number of connectors that as part of MIL-PRF-39012 that relate to SMA connectors, with about half of the pertinent slash sheets making reference to cabled SMA connectors and the other half making reference to uncabled SMA connectors. The slash sheets relating to uncabled SMA connectors are listed below. The section of the title that indicates SMA Series Radio Frequency Coaxial Electrical Connector Receptacle has been removed, because it's in each of the titles, as is the term uncabled.
MIL-PRF-39012/60 SMA Socket Contact, Flange Mounted.
MIL-PRF-39012/61 SMA Socket Contact, Jam Nut Mounted
MIL-PRF-39012/62 SMA Socket Contact, Jam Nut Mounted, Hermetic Seal,
MIL-PRF-39012/93 SMA Female, Printed Circuit
MIL-PRF-39012/94 SMA Female, Printed Circuit, Right Angle
Of course the reference to cabled implies the document deals with a connector and an attached cable.

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