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Bayonet Coupling

A Bayonet Fitting is a type of pin-and-socket fitting when rotated together are held into position.

Graphic of a BNC Jack Connector
Three-way Bayonet Locking Connector

Bayonet Locking Connector; a connector using some number of locking posts or slots so that the two ends of the connectors will mate and lock together with a twisting motion. Also called Bayonet coupling or quick-coupling connector. There are many different families of connectors that are baynet locking, BNC being the most common. The common style BNC connector will have two locking posts; however three locking posts are very common with military connectors.

Axial view of a BNC Receptical Connector
2-way Bayonet

The top view shows a 3-way Jack [male], while the second view shows a 2-way Plug [female].

The BNC connector, or cable has an outer conductor [normally ground] used as a shield which surrounds an inner conductor which carries the actual signal. A BNC connector is used with a Coax Cable [Manufacturers]. The SMA Connector is a similar style connector, but smaller. A few competing styles to the bayonet connector are the screw-on or screw-lock style and the jamnut style, both of which would also work with coax cable.
Refer here for Coax Connector Manufacturers

Some styles of connector may use posts and slots as a key, but not be considered bayonet coupling connectors. For example many types of screw-on connectors may use some number of posts so that only mating connectors with the same number of slots, in the same position will mate with them. The slots simply mate with the posts with no twisting action and are secured together by screwing the two connectors together, as the posts just slide into the slots. The number of posts [or slots] need to be specified as an option when ordering the connector.

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