Resistor Terms:

Terms used with Resistors
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Mil Spec Surface Mount Zero-Ohm Resistor
Zero Ohm Resistor

MIL-PRF-32159 Zero-Ohm Resistor

A mil spec surface mount resistor with a value of zero ohms, note the different sizes below. Zero-Ohm Resistors are used as interconnect points on a PWB. They may also be used to tie two circuit points together while in system test so an internal trace may be accessed but removed in the final application, removing the physical test point.

Mil Spec Surface Mount 0603 Zero-Ohm Resistor Dimensions
0603 Zero Ohm Resistor

Wrap-around Termination is the term used to describe the solderable end cap that covers the bottom, end and top of the component.

MIL-PRF-32159; Resistors, Chip, Fixed, Film, Zero Ohm, Industrial, High Reliability, Space Level, General Specification Size; RCZxxxx.

Mil Spec M32159 Surface Mount Zero-Ohm Resistor Derating Curve
MIL Resistor Derating Curve

These resistors do have a small non-zero resistance, so they do dissipate heat. The resistance ranges between 0.030, 0.060 and 0.150 ohms depending on the termination.

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