Resistor Terms:

Resistor Definitions
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Semiconductor Resistor: A resistor embedded within silicon. In some cases a Semiconductor Resistor is made up of two FETs that can be digitally turned on or off, or change in value. Semiconductor Resistors also called Active Resistors may be fixed or variable. [Manufacturers of Active Resistors]

Shunt Resistor: A resistor placed across the terminals of another device. Example; a shunt resistor placed across the terminals of a Potentiometer to change the devices characteristics.

Potentiometer Shunt Design Example
Shunt Resistors Function

SIP Resistor: A resistor group contained within a Single In-line Package [SIP]. One of a number of possible package styles used to hold resistor networks or resistor arrays.

Through-hole 9-Pin SIP Resistor
SIP Resistor

For more detail, refer to possible Resistor SIP Schematics.
Also see a SIP Drawing, with a graphic and coating information.
MIL-PRF-83401/9 Resistor Network, Fixed, Film, Style RZ090, 10 Pin SIP.

SMD: see Surface Mount Device.

Spiral Wound Resistor: A resistor having an element that is wound in a spiral along its length between its terminals.

Spiral Wire Wound Resistor
Spiral Resistive Element

Stability: The overall ability of a resistor to maintain its initial resistance value over extended periods of time when subjected to any combination of environmental conditions and electrical stresses.

Standards: EIA standard resistor package sizes,
Military Specifications and standards

Stand-Off Resistor: A resistor mounting method that rises a High-Power through hole resistor off the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] surface so that the resistor does not impart its heat onto the board laminate. Parts which dissipate heat in quantities of 1 Watt or greater, or in quantities sufficient to damage the laminate shall be mounted with sufficient standoff [ > 1.5 mm (0.060 in.) ] and shall be mechanically restrained. See the raised resistor to the right.

Surface Mount Device: [SMD] A device that is mounted directly to pads on a printed wiring board [PWB]. Surface Mount devices do not have leads that penetrate the PWB. SMD components are Lead-less components.

SMD Resistor Styles
Round SMD Resistors

Surge Resistor: A resistor used to control or limit surge currents.

Swamping Resistor: A resistor used in the Emitter lead, of a transistor, to mask current variations caused by changes in the Emitter-Base junction with temperature. A temperature compensating resistor used to overwhelm the non-linear resistance changes occurring in the Emitter-Base junction.

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