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Resistor Definitions
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Maximum Voltage Rating: Same term as working voltage.

Maximum Working Voltage: The maximum voltage stress (dc or rms ac) that may be applied to the resistor. Also refer to Voltage Rating. Note the AC voltage is assumed to be a 60Hz sine wave unless otherwise stated.

Metal Clad Resistor: A resistor encased by aluminum or some other metal alloy. Normally metal clad resistors perform to higher voltage or power ratings. The style shown below is also referred to as chassis mount, with lug terminals.

Metal Film Resistor: A resistor constructed by applying a thin film of metal onto a substrate of ceramic or glass. The metal is the resistive element. See film resistor. The substrate or the metal [or metal alloy] is not always provided in the data sheet. MIL-PRF-22684 describes fixed film resistors.

mil-prf-22684 fixed film resistors
Fixed Film Resistor

Metal Oxide Resistor: A [MO] resistor that has a resistive element made of tin oxide, produced by spraying tin chloride onto the substrate of the resistor body [either glass or ceramic] and then heating the component until the oxide is formed. In essence a metal film resistor.

Metal Oxide Varistor: [MOV] see Varistor.

Military Specifications: Military Standards for Resistors

Manufacturers: Companies that Manufacturer Resistors

Melf. Metal Electrode Leadless Face. A cylindrical Surface Mount package used by some types of resistors. Refer to the diagram below. Note there are a number of different shape variations possible. One example of a Melf component is the DO-213 Package.

Mounting Considerations See Resistor Mounting Issues.

Mounting Bracket A small bracket or clip used to mount or secure high-power resistors. A metal bracket would also be used as a heat sink.

MOX Resistor [Metal OXide layered Resistor], A type of metal film resistor available in either surface mount or through-hole styles.

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