Resistor Terms:

'A', 'B', 'C', 'D/E', 'F-L', 'M', 'N', 'O', 'P', 'R', 'S', 'T', 'V-Z'

Carbon Composition Resistor: A resistor that uses a slug of finely ground carbon with a mixture of silica to form the resistive element. Leads are attached to both ends of the slug which is than covered by some molded covering, which form the exterior of the resistor body. An example is shown below under cut-tape resistor. Carbon Composition Resistors have low inductance and low capacitance and will operate from low to high power conditions. Carbon Composition Resistor will normally operate at higher voltages than Film resistors, but lower voltages than wire-wound resistors.

Carbon Film Resistor: A composition resistor. A type of resistor produced using carbon as the resistive material. A film resistor uses a film of carbon [or other material] which is sprayed or coated onto a substrate of glass or ceramic, the carbon film forms the resistive element. The film may be cut or shaped to adjust the resistance value of the resistor.

Center Tap Trimmer: A trimmer [variable resistor] with four terminals. The fourth terminal is fixed to the mid-point of the tap [non-movable]. The other three terminals comprise the wiper and the two fixed ends. An example of a Center Tap Trimmer is used in the offset voltage adjustment of an OpAmp, with the tap connected to ground, the wiper connected to the [unused input pin] Opamp and the other ends of the trimmer going to +Vcc and -Vcc

Cermet. A high temperature metal dielectric composed of both ceramic [cer] and metallic [met] materials used in resistors and potentiometers.

Chassis Mount: A type of resistor package designed to be mounted using a bolt, the case is metal. Same style shown with; Aluminum Housed Resistor.
Reference; MIL-PRF-18546 Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound [Power Type, Chassis Mounted].

Chassis Mountable Resistor Package
Chassis Mount

Chip Attenuator: A Surface Mount Device that provide either 'Pi' Attenuator Pads, or 'T' Attenuator Pads, [PI-Pads, T-Pads]. PI-Pads have a minimum of four leads, two for the common lead [ground] and one each for the input and output of the PI circuit. A T-Pad have the same amount of leads or a minimum of three leads, one common connection. The standard surface mount chip sizes apply, with the larger sizes having either more leads [pads] or handling more power. Companies that manufacture Chip Attenuators

Chip Resistor: A Surface Mount Resistor, or Surface Mount Device [SMD]. Also refer to the Table of Resistor Chip Sizes. A single resistor in a surface mount package that uses the ends of the component body as terminals. The picture shows Different Sizes of Chip Resistors.

SMD Chip Resistor sizes
Chip Resistor

Color Codes: Resistor color codes (used on thru-hole devices) indicate the devices value, tolerance and in some cases its failure rate. Table of Resistor Color Codes.
Note in some cases 1 percent resistors may use a three digit or four digit code to denote resistor values, see below right for a table of how to decode the 3 digit code or 4 digit code. These code are also applicable to 2 percent and 5 percent tolerances.

Resistor Color Codes, Band
Resistor Color Code Bands

Current Sense Resistor: Ultra low ohm devices used to measure current. Current Sense Resistors are low resistance precision resistors used to measure AC or DC electrical currents by the voltage drop those currents create across the resistance. Current Sense Resistors may be produced as low power surface mount devices or high wattage free-air devices. Four terminal thick film Kelvin resistors provide separate source and sense leads for precise current sensing applications.
Companies that manufacture Current Sense Resistors

Axial Leaded Resistors
Current Sense Resistor

Cut Tape Resistor: Resistors purchased on a roll of paper tape. Cut-Tape refers to a portion of the original size of the tape which has been cut to order, or to the amount required. Normally cut-tape only refer to axial leaded resistors.

Axial Leaded Resistors on cut-tape
Cut Tape Resistor
PC motherboard

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