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Mezzanine boards are smaller form factor cards designed to plug onto larger form factor boards.
The larger main boards can be designed to support one or more Mezzanine boards. However not all mezzanine formats are supported by all main boards.

Express Mezzanine Card

EMC [VITA 56], Express Mezzanine Card. The EMC board size is 73.5mm wide by 140.3mm long.
The EMC board standard is similar to the XMC concept, but allow the card to be front-loadable into 6U VME or cPCI cards.
The connectors are similar to the ones used on the AMC board, and allow the board to be Hot-Swappable from the front panel.

The VITA-56 specification was produced as a draft specification in 2005, but by 2011 was still not released.
It does not appear that the EMC specification is even being produced any longer and the working group dissolved.

These were the working groups as of 2005, but none of them seem active.
VITA 56.0; EMC (Express Mezzanine Card) Base Standard
VITA 56.1; EMC PCI Express
VITA 56.2; EMC Ethernet
VITA 56.4; EMC Serial Rapid IO
VITA 56.10; EMC Conduction Cooled Packaging
VITA 56.20; EMC General Purpose Interfaces

There never were any identified EMC board manufacturers, which includes any companies releasing a card before the specification was released.

At any rate the standard is listed here not because it is released but because it was almost released.
That is, many documents will make reference to the EMC standard, and this page will reference the fact that it was never released.
It is possible that the name of the specification changed or work transferred to another committee, but there's no evidence of that occurring.

In any case you would need to use some other mezzanine standard, listed at the top of the page.
One example of a conduction cooled mezzanine card is the CCPMC board format: Conduction Cooled PMC specification.
Data on the specification is included on the PMC Board Format page.
In addition a list of companies producing PMC boards is provided on the PMC Board Manufacturers page.

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