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A listing of ECL Glue Logic manufacturers, ordered by TTL, CMOS, ECL, or Single gate IC's.
The products produced are indexed under the company listing.

ECL Logic Manufacturers - "Emitter Coupled Logic"

ECL is a form of Current Mode Logic [CML] that uses a pair of transistors coupled by their Emitters.
The transistors are operated in the non-saturated mode, so are faster than TTL devices.
Note that the ECL logic families do not offer the same number of devices that TTL or CMOS families do.

There are two main ECL families;
The normal 10k group and the 100k group which is temperature compensated.
Some companies also offer either group in the faster ECLinPC family which are faster versions.

Arizona Microtek inc.
{ECLinPS - ECLinPS Lite - ECLinPS Plus ICs}

{10/100H/K ECL - ECLinPS - CML}

National Semiconductor
{100K ECL ICs}

ON Semiconductor
{10H/K ECL - ECLinPS/ECLinPS Lite - 10EPxx ICs}

Vcc levels; ECL: -5.2v, PECL: +5.0v, LVPECL: +3.3v
Normally ECL uses -5.2 volts for Vee, and 0 volts for Vcc.

ECL Circuit Diagram of a test setup

The Logic Design has several pages dealing with Glue Logic design issues, Including:

List of TTL, ECL and CMOS Glue Logic Families {Defines the meaning of the glue logic Acronyms used on this page, expanding the meaning of each part letter.}
Logic Voltage Threshold Chart {A Chart of TTL / CMOS Logic Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels}
Low Voltage Logic Threshold Chart {Low Voltage TTL / CMOS Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels}
IC Speed vs. Power Chart {TTL / CMOS Glue Logic Chart comparing switching speed and power dissipation}
Voltage Translation between Logic Families
How do I know which Glue Logic family to use {Descriptions of switching speeds and switching level for each of the Glue Logic Families, with Noise Margins and Fan Outs.}
Logic Family Prefix Listing {Part Number prefix to IC Operational Temperature Ranges}

This page provides a listing of ECL Glue Logic manufacturers and vendors, ordered by TTL manufacturers, CMOS manufacturers, ECL manufacturers, or Single gate IC manufacturers.
The products produced are indexed under the company listing. All other Integrated Circuit manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.
Electronic Equipment may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment IC below.

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